Tasty Beginnings

Nutrition Coaching


Do you struggle with time in cooking healthy meals?

Confused about whole foods, calorie counting, perplexed about all the diet options.. etc?

Struggling with snacking.. binge eating?

Do you keep start and stopping, yo-yo dieting?

Is Hiring a Nutritionist worth it? Find out here

To kick off, I will send you a Client Information Sheet to fill in. The purpose of which, is for me to understand your goals and needs, what nutrition programs or strategies you have tried before, what has worked, what has not worked, why, and ultimately to figure out what approach will work best for you from here on.

This is also an important step of the process to help me gain a real insight into your current lifestyle and daily routine, which will be invaluable when it comes to identifying current limitations that may hinder progress, so we can be confident that the changes we introduce are obtainable and long lasting.

Your homework from there will be to fill in a Three-Day Dietary Record for me so I can get a good feel for your typical diet and eating habits.

I will review and assess all the information gathered so far and decide from there what the next best step is for you to take. From here on in, I will provide you with continual support and follow-up assessments throughout the coaching process.