Nutrition Services




In a typical consultation with me, I will assess your present health, health history, family health history and dietary habits. I then will devise a health optimisation plan tailored to you with diet and lifestyle advice to target your health goals. If needed, the health optimisation plan may include supplemental support.


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Weight loss


Your Nutrition coach will produce a plan that will remove the stress of nutrition and allow you to reach your goals without an insanely restrictive diet. With all the follow up systems and support with you for 6 weeks to 3 months


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Our corporate nutrition workshops and 1:1 consultations will help guide your employees towards the healthiest food choices to boost brain power, improve mood and keep sick days at bay. With sick days costing UK businesses an average of £554 and 6.9 working days per employee (Catapult study, 2017) and the obesity epidemic showing no sign of slimming down, investing in employee’s education around heathy eating makes business sense.


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